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sábado, 30 de setembro de 2017

Divo Barsotti And The Presence

Aurelio Porfiri

Tuscany is a region of Italy, famous in the Anglo-Saxon world for its beautiful landscapes and cities. We just have to think about Florence or Siena. But Tuscany is also a land of deep Catholic faith, a faith that has generated countless men and women that will be a model for future generations of Catholics. We think of Saint Andrea Corsini, Blessed Angelico, Saint Margherita, Blessed Celestina Donati, Saint Filippo Neri and I can go on and on for pages. In the 20th century too we have exceptional figures coming from Tuscan Catholicism as Giorgio La Pira, Lorenzo Milani, Domenico Bartolucci and many others. But one of the prominent Catholic personalities is for sure Divo Barsotti. Divo Barsotti was a great mystic, a man of huge culture, a prolific writer with dozens of books published and countless pages of meditations and spiritual exercises still to be printed. He was a poet too.
Divo Barsotti was born in 1914 in Palaia, a little village near Pisa.  He became a priest in 1937, after rediscovering Catholicism thanks to his meeting with Russian spirituality. He was a quite unorthodox priest, always trying to find his right place and to discover what was the plan of God for his life. So his first assignments in parishes and for some pastoral work did not suit his yearning for something else, that something else that he will probably start to see around 1947 when he starts to counsel spiritually a group of women, the first nucleus of his Community of God’s Sons and Daughters. In 1954 he resided in Settignano, considered the mother house of this new religious congregation. After failures, disappointments and false starts, the Community started to flourish and is now present in Italy and in few other countries around the