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sábado, 30 de setembro de 2017

Life Divo Barsotti

Divo Barsotti

Divo Barsotti (Palaia 1914 – Florence 2006) was a priest (of the diocese of San Miniato), writer, poet, founder (he founded a community of monastic character), spiritual father, but above all a mystic, a seeker of God, a man of faith and of prayer. Ordained a priest in 1937, he lived the wartime years at home by order of the Bishop, who could not find the right collocation for him in the diocese. During those years, Fr Barsotti had thought of going off as a missionary to India or Japan, with the desire to bring the Gospel to those peoples, but in a peculiar way: by living as a hermit, as poor among the poor, as a witness of the divine life in Christ, on the strength of the Sacraments and prayer alone. This plan was never fulfilled. read...