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sábado, 30 de setembro de 2017

Who is don Divo Barsotti?

If we are to live by the law of love, a law which makes nothing foreign to us, it is imperative to bring the life of the whole universe into one’s our own life. Nothing more, nothing less. I cannot accept simply being the “person I am.” I cannot and I will not. 
The whole universe must live and find a voice in me. The whole universe becomes one in me, so far as I am in Christ.
Gathering on October 1st, 1961 held in Florence


Dear friends,
what we have to meditate today is the promise the whole liturgy gives us of a new forgiveness that will renew all of life, and in our case will renew our Com-munity. The Community needs rejuvenating.

Video of 2013. In 10 minutes an effective presentation by Don Divo Barsotti, the man, the priest, the mystic and his most precious legacy: the Community of the Sons of God.